Tuscan wine and sketching holidays in Statiano farm in September 2022

Tuscan wine and sketching holidays in Statiano farm. Enquire now for holidays in September 2022 at Statiano in Tuscany. We offer a 7 night sketching holiday with tutoring by visiting artist, Jane Smith. Our holiday includes visits to local villages and markets, wine tastings with our own wine from the farm and wine pairings with Tina, one of the owners and a qualified sommelier. Excursions to local places and markets will provide excellent sketching subjects and the authentic Tuscan experience. We can also trek along the wild and beautiful riverbanks of the stream Trossa. Visits to the medieval hilltop town of Volterra (Tuscan Capital of Culture 2022), the market of Cecina, and the Mediterranean coast will be included. Guests stay at Statiano, our beautiful country house in a quiet corner of  Maremma, Tuscany. Tiny hilltop villages perch above rolling fields: Montegemoli, Querceto, Montecatini, which are still relatively undiscovered. Nature will provide plenty of inspiration too; we are surrounded by beautiful woods where wildlife including foxes and turtles and flocks of jays live among the oak trees. The area is famous for Sangiovese wine and typically the cuisine will include bruschetta, pappa al pomodoro, ribollita. Holidays are held in Statiano, a beautiful stone farmhouse in a quiet country setting sur rounded by wood, 5 km from the lovely village of Micciano, where you can have a good coffee and pizza, and 5 km from  Ponteginori with its own ‘panetteria’ where we shop daily for our ‘pane toscano sciocco’ or you can have a typical aperitivo or prosecco at the nice bar down in the village.


Statiano offers 5 double or twin or singles en suite bedrooms. There are 4 large and panoramic apartments.
Apartments A: at the ground floor with two bedrooms, a bathroom en suite, a kitchenette and a private terrace with a
breathtaking view on the sunset each.Apartments B: private garden, kitchen at the ground floor, and at upper floor 2 panoramic bedrooms and
2 bathrooms.The outdoor pool, surrounding shaded area, covered terrace esure that there is plenty of space to relax
in comfortably.

About Jane: Artist and Illustrator Jane will guide you through sketching and drawing, giving suggestions and en
couragement, whether out on trips or back at Statiano. She will show you techniques and tips for sketching architecture,
markets, restaurants, people and landscapes, using a variety of media.
I am an artist and Illustrator based in east London. I love drawing and have been doing it ever since
I could hold a pencil. Originally from the rural north of England and Wales, I studied at what is now
the University of Northumbria then moved to London. Working briefly for the BBC led to a freelance illustration career that has lasted until the present day. Other clients have included Marks and Spencer, Jamie Oliver, Ted Baker, Greenpeace and many others. Also I exhibit widely in galleries, cafes and shops around London.
I have given art workshops for lots of groups including an art retreat in France, staff at Facebook and Marks and Spencer’s head offices and local schools and community .
I have travelled widely, but these days concentrate on Europe and the UK. I never go anywhere without at least a small sketchbook in my pocket. If I am away for more than a couple of days, I will pack a variety of sketchbooks and art materials, a box of watercolours and a few pens and brushes. To me there is nothing better than sitting sketching outside a cafe somewhere, with a nice coffee or cold beer, totally in the ‘zone’, with the sounds, smells and general ambiance of life going by, whether in a Roman piazza, a small street in Marseille, at home in London or the beautiful Tuscan countryside.




730/950,00 €seven nights in double, twin, single room or in apartment for 2 or 4 people

-828,00 € in double / twin room with ensuite bath and shower based on 2 people sharing

-628,00 € non painting partnerin double/twin room with ensuite bath based on 2 people sharing

-950,00€ single room with en suite bathroom

-730,00 € in double / twin room in the apartment with two en suite bathrooms and kitchen based

On 4 people sharing the same apartment note this apartment has stairs.

-530,00 € non painting partner in double/twin room in the apartment with two en suite bathrooms and

kitchen based on 4 people sharing the same apartment.Note this apartment has stairs

-828,00 € single room in the apartment based on 2 people sharing the apartment with 2 en suite bathroom

and the kitchen.<note: this apartment has stairs

1000,00 € in double /twin room of the apartment with bathroom en suite, kitchen and private terrace

note: this apartment has no stairs.2 people

800,00€ non painting partner in double/twin room of the apartment with en suite bathroom, kitchen and private

terrace. Note: this apartment has no stairs.2 people

Insurance is included in the price of Your stay.

At the time of reservation, we will send all the information about.

We are one hour from Pisa international airport and we provide a pick u and a drop off service

included in the price of your holiday, on arrival and departure in all security at arrival and departure days at pre-arranged time.



Day 1:Pick up at Pisa International airport Galileo Galilei at 7.30, transfer to Statiano

and setting in.Time for a deserved aperitivo in the terrace before a relaxing dinner with wine.

Day 2: Leisurely breakfast and time to visit the farm and the vineyard. First session with your

tutor. Lunch at 1 pm at the shady terrace and time to relax by the pool before your next sketching session. Opportunity for some plein air session in the garden.Dinner at with wine.

Day 3:Breakfast and working trip to the etruscan/medioevale Volterra to visit Piazza di Priori, and the roman Theatre and have a delicious coffee in the most characteristic cafè.

at ‘caffè dei Fornelli’ and visit Porta all’Arco a very impressed Etruscan town entrance.

Lot’s of time to sketch there and take reference pictures and paint.

We take a pocket lunch to go sketching.

Back home in the afternoon, and time to continue your sketching or relax in the pool.

before a delicious dinner with wine.

Day 4:Breakfast and working trip to Montegemoli, a picturesque well preserved

small medieval village. Lot’s of time to sketch, take reference pictures.

Then we reach Pomarance, visit it and Bicocchi house, and have lunch at the farmer’s shop

‘Sottovoto’ is where we can have authentic local food with a glass of wine.

back home, afternoon of painting and relaxing and dinner on the terrace with wine.

Day 5: Breakfast and morning at Cecina, first at one of the very colourful local market where we can

buy our pocket lunch.

Then we reach the beach ‘spot1’ passing through an amazing natural wood of marittime pines.

There we can have our pocket lunch and then go to the beach to reach the bar and have their delicious strong espresso.

Back home in the afternoon, and time to continue your sketching or relax in the pool.

Barbecue at 7 pm and wine.

Day 6: after breakfast sketching time and finishing off any work.

Lunch on the terrace and afternoon of relaxation. You can have a walk around until the

beautiful Micciano,or just until the river, or help Tina to prepare a nice apericena,

Day 7 : breakfast and arrivederci! Transfer to Pisa international airport Galileo Galilei at 9 to arrive at 10.15.

Please note the itinerary may be subject to minor changes due to weather and/or after

consultation with the tutor.




Accomodation at the farm

Breakfast, lunch and evening meal at the farm

Pick up and drop off to and for Pisa International airport Galileo Galilei

is included. Please, arrange your flight with our pick up at Pisa airport at

7.30 pm of the 3th September, the start of your holidays at Statiano.

Refreshment throughout the day . Help Yourself with tea, coffee and herbal teas.

Excursion and visit included in the course program.

Lunches at Cecina and Volterra are not included

Lunch at ‘Sottovoto’ farmers’ shop is included.

Museums’ tickets are not included

Some art material are available here, but you are kindly asked to bring

Your essential.

Insurance is included. You are kindly asked to read the contract before booking.


Info: [email protected]

tel + 39 3385057879 




Starting from every Friday until Wednesday morning.

The offer is available all year from June to July

Cooking lessons in a farmhouse in Tuscany! Genuine, everyday dishes produced in Tuscan kitchens for family gathering and every day sensorial delights selecting ingredients in season preparing and cooking all to be tasted and enjoyed by all.

Spend Your days in Tuscany to enjoy Italian and Tuscan cuisine in a Real Farm!

We will learn to make: Fettuccine, gnocchi, ravioli, and “ribollita”, we will taste local cheese and ham.

Moreover, there will be the opportunity to meet people coming from other parts of the world and other nations!

976 € for 5 nights for 2 people.


Our offer for 2 people includes:

5 nights in a double room € 420 for 2 people.

5 delicious breakfasts for two people with moka coffee, tea, herbal tea, yogurt, juices, cereals and only local milk, fruits, homemade jams, tasty cookies and cakes included in room price.

5 dinners at the farm at 250 € for 2 people

3 cooking lessons lasting 2h and 30 minutes each. Total cost € 260 for 3 lessons for 2 people with lunch included.

The first class will be dedicated to pasta making, the second to wine and the third to the Italian antipasto.

A tasting of local Tuscan products at the Farmers Shop “SottoVoto” in Pomarance. 36 € for 2 people.

Visit to Viti Palace in Volterra at 10 € at the entrance for one person.

A visit to the local market of Cecina (only on Tuesdays).




–arrival and welcome aperitive with Statiano wine,“bruschette” with extra virgin olive oil, local “pecorino” cheese and marmalade of apple quince and grapes.

– double bedrooms will have fresh “fiori di campo” (wilde fresh flowers) in May and June, a basket with locals and organic fresh fruit, the possibility to make a delicious espresso in their bedroom.

In the common area, everyday from 5 o’clock p.m., guests will find a buffet with lemon water, ginger hot infusion, water and a fresh cake or homemade biscuits.


-Dinners at 8′ clock with fresh and local food.


–Breakfast from 8.30 to 10.00 a.m

-at 12.00 a.m. transfer to Pomarance where we go straight – everybody on his own – “SottoVuoto” shop, a delicious farmers’ shop in the heart of Pomarance  to have a guided tasting to local and artisanal food.

-From 2 pm you can move to Volterra on Your own and guests can do a tour of  Volterra on their own. It is such an incredible town!


– at 4.00 pm meeting point at Piazza dei Priori, Consorzio Turistico to visit Palazzo Viti with its marvellous collection until 5.30 p.m.

– back to the agriturismo.

– 8.00 p.m dinner at the farm with the view on the sunset.



– breakfast from 8.30 a.m to 10.00 a.m

– Sunday lunch.

-8.00 p.m dinner at the farm



– Breakfast from 8.30 to 10 a.m

-11.30 / 13.00 cooking lesson: handmade pasta: ravioli, gnocchi and Fettuccine. We will enjoy our pasta all together for lunch.

– 17/19 cooking lesson: aperitif preparation

– at 8.00 p.m dinner at the farm.



–breakfast from 8.00 to 9.00

– transfer to Livorno to visit his historical food market and buy some delicious food

– 1 p.m we meet at Seghieri to eat a tasty torta di Ceci, a characteristic street food.

– 5.00 pm how to prepare a quick and memorable “apericena”

-8.30 p.m Goodbye apericena.



– breakfast from 8.00 to 10 a.m

end of the holidays at Statiano.



The offer is available from 22nd June to 25th July

COVID_19. At Statiano Nature doesn’t give up!

“Let hope antidote to fear

Let solidarity the antidote to blame

let our shared humanity be the antidote to our shared threat”


The recent spread of Covid19 into Italy has caused concern with travellers.

Marking this some moment, the world Health Organization reminded all Countries and Communities that the spread of this virus be significantly slowed and even reversed through the implementation of robust containment and control activities.

And we should never give up!

Here are some resources to which you can checks the state of facts:

Italy is struggling its battle and we are sure that all the Community will overcome the matter.

Dr Dina Pfeifer, in charge of Clinical management and team lead, highlighted Italy’s commitment since the beginning.

Here in Statiano we have thought what to say about for three long days, because we want to say something to our friends and guests that come and visit Statiano, but anything was meaningless and useless.

Until Paolo arrived  triumphantly showing us the first piece of propolis mixed with wax – bees are working furiously, we are going to have a lot of honey this year!

At Statiano Nature doesn’t give up! She is slowing awaking, preparing cradles and sweet presents, surprises and even challenges, and we have to be ready to make all going on. 

Nature doesn’t hurry, just accomplish, the clock of the Nature being punctual and precise.

Every year we start again, taking care of the vineyard, making  wine, picking up olives, making extra virgin olive oil, taking care of the bees, and making honey, taking care of the land and making landscapes, although such unforeseen circumstances are affecting economically our job.

Why this should mean something to you?

Most of you have previously stayed at Statiano.

You certainly know how we are passionate of our work and devoted to animals, how we pay attention to details and never give up tp to promote our wonderful land.

But mostly, we strive to make our guests happy, motivated, and to preserve a good memory  of their stay. It is, we believe, the right way to reach our mission, to promote rural community and rural landscapes.

Moreover we want to increase the alliance and friendship with our guests by creating 5 vouchers, each of them can be activated 15 days before the arrival- if there are the availability at Statiano- until July 2021.

We decided that Statiano will start to host from 23rd of April 2020, for Easter we will be closed.


  1. Cooking lessons in Tuscany


The offer is available all year from May to June and from September to October. Activate it.

Cooking lessons in a farmhouse in Tuscany! Genuine, everyday dishes produced in Tuscan kitchens for family gathering and every day sensorial delights selecting ingredients in season preparing and cooking all to be tasted and enjoyed by all.

Spend Your days in Tuscany to enjoy Italian and Tuscan cuisine in a Real Farm!

We will learn to make: Fettuccine, gnocchi, ravioli, and “ribollita”, we will taste local cheese and ham.

Moreover, there will be the opportunity to meet people coming from other part of the world and other nationality!

976 € for 5 nights for 2 people.


2- A dip in the crystal clear waters of the Masso delle Fanciulle 2 days 1 night

Short guided excursion along one of the most beautiful waterways in Tuscany: the “Masso delle Fanciulle” which ends with a dip in the crystal clear water of this waterfall in the heart of the Berignone park.

From 17/7 to 31/07 2020 from 17/07 to 31/07 2021

Stay on the farm with breakfast, picnic in the vineyard for lunch and dinner with local products, guided tour of the Masso delle Fanciulle

€ 206.00 1 night 2 days.

    1. tasting weekend 2 nights 3 days

    A long weekend in the Tuscan countryside near Volterra, to taste a local wine, the Igt Montecastelli from the Fattoria di Statiano. Activated in May, June, October 2020 any day and May, June, October 2021

    On the evening of arrival, welcome drink and dinner at the farm with local products

    The next day, breakfast and immediately after visit to the guided vineyard. And a walk along the banks of the Rio Trossa, a stream with crystal clear waters and a flora still very singular and characteristic within the company. Packed lunch on the riverbed.

    Free afternoon

    17.30 tasting starts three Statiano vintages, one Gallo del Botrone.

    Dinner at the farm.

    Sunday: breakfast on the farm

    short story of the Tuscan Sangiovese


    2 stays in a double room, 1 aperitif, breakfast, visit to the vineyard and to the river, packed lunch, breakfast

    290,00 € 2 people.


4. Five days of well-being with the Qi Gong in Tuscany.

Qi, the breath of life.

In Eastern culture, it represents the energy that permeates the entire cosmos and manifests itself in all living beings.

We are waiting for you from 5 to 10 May 2020 and from 20 to 25 June 2020, from 28 August to 2 September 2020 and from 5 to 10 May 2021 at the Qigong seminar. Run to book, limited places!

Info and costs:


  1. Two days in the Etruscan valley

2 nights and 3 days in the Cecina valley, in the fascinating Etruscan valley.

Stay in May, June and September 2020 and from April 15 to June 30 2021.

The farm, 90 hectares at the foot of the hills that host the Monterufoli park, is rich in resources: the vineyard, the wine, the discovery of edible wild herbs, the proximity to the city of Volterra and the beach.

A two night stay with breakfast

 € 150.00 for two people in panoramic double room.

Come and do your shopping in Val di Cecina!

As good farmers we often go to “buy” in the Cooperative or the Agricultural Consortium.

We find everything we need to run our company and beyond. In fact, here we sell wheat and our agricultural products.

In spring, spending in the Cooperative is tempting: in fact there are all the plants for the garden: at least 8 varieties of tomatoes, and others of peppers, aromatic plants, and flowers to adorn the garden.

Furthermore, entering the shop, it is possible to find a whole sector of sale of the members’ products: from an excellent tomato sauce to cream to make at home the typical Tuscan crouton, with the certainty that a small artisan producer was preparing it.

There are also all the products for cleaning the house at an advantageous price.

In short, a reality that surely you don’t find at home and that you should take advantage of.

We will be happy to tell you how to get there.

Wilde life at Statiano The European bee-eater (Merops apiaster)

The European bee-eater (Merops apiaster) is a near passerine bird in the bee-eater family, Meropidae. It breeds in southern Europe and in parts of north Africa and western Asia. It is strongly migratory, wintering in tropical Africa.

This species occurs as a spring overshoot north of its range, with occasional breeding in northwest Europe.hese bee-eaters are gregarious—nesting colonially in sandy banks, preferably near river shores, usually at the beginning of May.
They make a relatively long tunnel, in which they lay five to eight spherical white eggs around the beginning of June. Both male and female care for the eggs, which they brood for about three weeks. They also feed and roost communally.

This bird breeds in open country in warmer climates. As the name suggests, bee-eaters predominantly eat insects, especially bees, wasps, and hornets. They catch insects in flight, in sorties from an open perch. Before eating a bee, the European bee-eater removes the sting by repeatedly hitting the insect on a hard surface. It can eat around 250 bees a day.[citation needed]

A study found that European bee-eaters “convert food to body weight more efficiently if they are fed a mixture of bees and dragonflies than if they eat only bees or only dragonflies.
At Statiano they arriving in group, we count about 40 of them! You can watch them around the pool, flying together the swallows while catching the flyes !

If you are a passionate birth- watcher, or wilde life reader, we invite you to visit Statiano!

– 2 nights and 3 days at Statiano in double rooms in June: 65,00 € per night including breakfast per          couple.
– 1 dinner with typical Tuscan food at 25,00 € per person’per dinner

Family holidays!

3 nights and 4 days  in June!

-380,00 €  total amount for an apartment with 2 double -rooms and a lounge outside!

Including a trekking along the wild Trossa stream serching for bee eater nests!

Continue Reading


Family holidays at Statiano

Children are very welcome at our agriturismo! They are our favourites guests!

Statiano and its activities are suitable for all children of all ages!

Statiano and its activivities are at kids measure.

WE offer a range of differents solutions:

a- Two 60 sq metres apartment at the groundfloor, with a large private terrace with a stunning view on the sunset, two double bedrooms that is really good for families with small kids

b- Two 70 sq metres apartments, with two panoramics bedrooms and two baths, a lovely private garden: this is the right choice for families with teens!

All apartments have cooking facilities.

No front desk, but the owners are ever present and helpful.Whenever we make sure that each and every guests has what ne/she needs to feel comfortable..

Price is valued oriented for the location and space.

-Travelcrib, traveltray, carrier and wrap, highchair available under request.

– Apartment amenities and space.

– appropriate sight and acitivies

– pool open from May to end of September.

– Wifi free on the common area.

– BBQ free

-Daily housekeeping and breakfast delivery on request.

– friendly and attentive service.

-Organic food basket delivery every 2 days on request.

– Breakfast every morning with home made cakes, with local flours, biscuits, jams and honey, jams and honey, local fresh cheeses, toasted bread and organic juices.

-Dinner thrice a week, with genuine food.

– Special menus for small kits, healty and tasty ( pasta with fresh tomatoes sauce, mozzarella and cheese salad, chickpeas cream..)

For small kids under 14 years old:

Cooking lessons with Tina, we will enjoy to do homemade pasta, pizza, bread and cantuccini.

2 lessons weekly, each of them for 10,00 € for children

12,00 € for adults

Activities taylored for kids at the local riding school centre from 10 to 16 p.m.

Children with or without their families will stay alll together and will eat at the centre, learning to play and riding lovely and quite horses.

Trekking with the mule: a wonderful way to do trekking along paths off the beaten tracks but easily accessible to all te family, where children can meet turtles, see peculiars birds and path of wilde animals. Half a day ith the whole families, in a company of a lovely and kind skilled animal that will carry your picnic!


– Large common garden at Your disposal.

– Pool

– Badmington

-the coast at only 30 minute’s drive

at spot1 it is possible to take wind surf lessons at 10% off.


For families with teens:

a- a short excursion along one of the most beautiful water flows in Tuscany which ends with a dip in the Crystalline waters.

Price is 6,00 e per pax

children under 14 old fro free

language spoken: English and French

-Visit to the geothermical museum of larderello, trekking to the Natural geothermic phenomena of the little village of Sasso Pisano, and “aperitivo” Slow food, with local farmers’ artisanal products in a place that looks like popped from fables.

Price 8,00 €

children under 14 for free.

For more informations, [email protected]


My Mum used to prepare them once a mouth, in winter time, and we were so happy when they were at our table. Very yummies and riches, expecially if you do them with local and fresh ingriedients:
the term ‘ Gnudi’, nude ravioli, comes from the fact that this is the filling for a Tuscan raviolo that is made into a dumpling, without the pasta wraparound.

for 8 people:

1kg fresh spinach or Swiss chard combined with field greens, cooked and squeezed dry of water
400 gr of fresh ricotta cheese
3 eggs
150 gr of Pecorino cheese or Parmisan
Salt and fresh ground pepper
a good grating nutmeg
100 gr of flour
extravergin olive oil
In a food processor, or in a bowl, chop the greens and melt it with the ricotta. Add eggs and grated cheese, pepper and nutmeg. In a bowl, sift in the flour. Allow to rest overnight, or at least 3 hours.
Pour some flour on to a plate. With a teaspoon, scoop out enough of the paste to make a small wallnut sized ball and roll on the flour. Place each ball on baking paper for rest one hour.
Drop the Gnudi into a deep pot of well salted boiling water. When they rise to the top, lift them out gentlywith a slotted spoon on to a baking dish with butter, sauges leaves and/or tomatoes sauce and leave it for half an hour.Put themgenlty on to A SERVING PLATE, SPRINKLE WITH MORE CHEESE DRIZZLE OVER SOME EXTRAVERGIN OLIVE OIL AND SERVE.

Horse trekking in the Monterufoli forest!

Come explore the Monterufoli natural park on horseback! We offer you to spend three days and two night at Agriturismo Statiano and spend one morning horse trekking in the forest. A perfect way to relax through an immersion in Nature, in the heart of Etruscan Tuscany, far from crowded touristic areas. In addition, you’ll enjoy Tina’s excellent cuisine, traditional Tuscan specialities and Statiano’s wine, produced at the farm.

The offer includes: aprox 2h horse trekking, double room x 2 nights , 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners, all for 310€ per couple.

For bookings and more info contact [email protected] 0588/61153.




On the 2nd of June, throughout Tuscany, the winemakers of FIVI (Intalian Federation of Independent Winemakers) open their doors for a special tasting of their products for the local initiative Il Picnic del Vignaiolo.

We at Fattoria di Statiano will participate: we will offer a free tasting of our wines and a typical Tuscan lunch inlcuding Tuscan zuppa, Montegemoli bread and local salame, for just 9€ per person.

If you decide to spend the night at Statiano, wine tasting and lunch are included in the half board: double room, breakfast, tasting and lunch for 90€.

For bookings and more information:    

 [email protected]        0588/61153