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Producing excellence


Statiano: 20 hectares of woodland and 44 hectares of biologically cultivated fields

Owned by the Castaldi family since 1950, Statiano extends over a vast area in the heart of the Val di Cecina, an area of ancient Etruscan origin, dotted with medieval villages and perfectly preserved. We produce cereals, seasonal vegetables, but above all wine and extra virgin olive oil. All following strict biological rules.

Our produce is of undisputed quality

We produce Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Vermentino, Montecastelli IGP, a new quality indicator that was introduced in 2006. our wine is produced in our own small vineyard and is certified IGP. Also our olive oil is registered with the Tuscan IGP Association; a good recognition of our work and our land.

Statiano: a true part of the region

We believe in the heritage of our land and in its values, trying to preserve them for future generations. We respect the environment in which we are guests, the environment made of a succession of rolling hills and ancient medieval villages. For 13 years we have been cultivating a small vineyard facing north-east, the plants are grown organically.

We are not the only ones who value the land of the Val di Cecina. We are a part of the FIVI( Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti- Italian Federation of independent vine dressers) and every year we take our produce to their market.

Our vineyard, maniacally cured

For 13 years we have been cultivating a small vineyard facing north-east, on clay-sandy, saline and mineral soil. Each row has chestnut poles and a rose plant at its beginning and a breathtaking panorama where Volterra stands out. The plants are grown organically, of course we only use our grapes to make the wine. We take care of our vineyards and manage our plants with the most modern wine and agronomic techniques. The soil and micro-climate of our areas allows us to obtain wines with unique chemical-physical and organoleptic characteristics. We produce Montecastelli IGP wines obtained from the grapes of our vineyards.


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A wine that describes the territory

We produce Sangiovese, Canaiolo and Vermentino, Montecastelli Protected Geographical Indication, a new Indication born in 2006. Our wine produced in our vineyard is PGI certified. Our oil is also registered in the Tuscan PGI consortium. A nice recognition to our care and our territory.


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