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Why winter holidays and Panettone are crucial in Italy !

The vine is part of the family of deciduous plants, i.e. those plants that lose all their leaves between autumn and winter and enter a state of vegetative rest, in which the vital processes slow down considerably.

The vine thus finds itself sister to plants such as the highly fragrant and spectacular Budleja, the smooth and white Noce,  and centenary Bagolaro "Spaccasassi", plants which, if it were not for this particularity, you would never have said that they have such a common destiny. All three excel in our garden and on the farm, and this certainly unites them.

Winter is a very important month in the countryside. For those who live in the city, it is a cold month, and it is certainly an underrated season. For us winemakers who live with our plants in the countryside, the cold is as important as the heat. Indeed, we are very worried if it doesn't arrive, or arrives too late.

With the cold, the vine falls into a phase of physiological rest called "dormancy": the plant, after having lost its leaves, reduces its metabolic function (a bit like us during the Christmas period, where it becomes crucial to eat panettone).

For the plant it is a crucial period for its survival, it protects itself from frost damage and dormancy favors energy recovery

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