Eat at Statiano

The cuisine at statiano is very simple: local, seasonal and tuscan And it’s exclusively for our guests.


The extra virgin olive oil and seasonal vegetables come from our farm. The wine comes from the grapes of our vineyard and is made and bottled locally. Also the meat, the cheese and the salamis are the fruit of the hard work of our neighbours, many of whom are extraordinary artisans.


Our cuisine is made from seasonal produce. Our menus follow the changing cycle of the seasons. For example in September you will find a fantastic sweet ” schiaccia ubriaca”( drunken schiaccia ) which is made at the time of the grape harvest and is fragrant and delicious. It’s a real autumn gift that we wait expectantly for all year.


The farm of Statiano is in the heart of Tuscan agriculture. Tuscan cuisine is ancient and varied, characterised by soups and very tasty simple dishes. At the farm we serve traditional dishes, recipes handed down by Grandmothers or old fashioned recipes rediscovered and given a new twist.


A good day starts in the morning with a great breakfast and our guests can enjoy breakfast with our selection of home made cakes and biscuits all made from local flour, often wholemeal or other old fashioned grains, filled with home made jam or flavoured with ginger, chocolate, coffee and other delicious things. Our jams are made from our fruit: plum, grape, blackberry or quince. There is rose jam to eat with fresh ricotta or local Sirio honey from the bees brought to our fields to feed on the pollen. There’s oven baked whole meal bread from Montegemoli or our rolls, local yogurt and ricotta and naturally espresso coffee or americano, milk, green tea, black tea, chocolate, juice and cereals.

Recipes from Statiano

The tastes, the produce and the recipes of Statiano Farm and Agritourism.

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